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It's kind of surprising that the novel evolves into a love story, since so much of the book is focused on greed and wealth and what it does to people—we were actually kind of expecting to end up with a pretty cynical message, by the end. Instead, though, we get the sense that family relationships, love, friendship, and interpersonal connections can actually triumph over greed and other nasty things.

Sure, being an adult involves opening your eyes and diving into some of life's less fun activities like finding a way to pay your own rent and outsmart vindictive Chinese drug dealers , but Catton's book is a good reminder that at the end of the day, it all comes back to relationships. As Captain and Tennille once said— love will keep us together. All rights reserved. The Luminaries Introduction When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars … Better dust off that old Hair record, Shmoopers—understanding all those far out references to astrology might come in handy about now.

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Cite This Page. Logging out…. For a novel that looks to the Victorian convention of cliffhanger suspense, discoveries, immortality, dead babies, betrayal, human greed and all too human weakness, there is also a touch of Restoration comedy, particularly in its timing and sense of rhythm.

The time shifts are exactly done, the events of the year carefully played out against a backdrop of the previous year that helps consolidate the story. Catton also makes inspired use of a cache of letters that supplies the most moving moments in a novel not overly concerned with pathos.

The Luminaries: A D―ned Fine Tale, but of What?

Most surprising of all, though, considering the use she makes of the authorial voice, is the quality of the dialogue, of which there is an immense amount, most of it extremely well done. Far easier to read The Luminaries is almost three times longer than The Rehearsal yet is far easier to read. The cerebral intent and intricate star-plotting are not as daunting because they are far less important than Catton suggests. The stars no doubt play their part, but, in this colourful yarn chronicling the crazy deeds done in the pursuit of wealth, it is the characters that generate a series of happenings connecting them all in a mystery that will keep most readers reading.

By Adam Mitzner

Books should not be judged by their covers, or by their length. The ultimate success of The Luminaries is not in its calculation or contrived twists, but in the leisurely descriptions of admittedly stock characters all out to make their mark through mainly foul means. Catton largely sustains a human comedy that sweeps through the hope, the mud, the lies and the secrecy underlying gold fever.

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  4. It is not so much a morality play as an astute celebration of the power of story and the enduring appeal of a traditional premodernist narrative. Eileen Battersby. Wed, Sep 25, , First published: Sat, Sep 21, , More from The Irish Times Books. Visual Art.

    Deconstructing The Luminaries: a timeline

    Sponsored All charged up for a change. Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs. Ireland must prepare for international tax turbulence. Subscriber Only. There are multiple mysteries afoot — a rich man has disappeared; a prostitute has been found near death in the street; and a supposedly penniless hermit who turns out to have been very rich has died suspiciously — and each of the 12 is implicated in one way or another.

    go Catton said that such talk does not really bother her. In her hotel room — the publisher had put her in a suite, another exciting development — she described how the book came about. It began, on one level, with the stars: She wanted her characters to correspond to the signs of the zodiac, and wanted the book to begin on Jan. On another level, she began with plot: She wanted a big, meaty mystery.

    The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton - Book Review of a Booker winner

    The book jumps around chronologically. It begins with a chapter that is pages long and ends with one that lasts for barely two.