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There are three plants included in their calendar as well, which were also of significant importance in Celtic daily life. The personality traits often associated with these symbols are also listed for your enjoyment only. So, these are not diagnostic, they are simply fun ideas and associations. Once you find yours, follow the link so you can keep these symbols of yours close at hand with our Birthstone Claddagh Rings. Your email address will not be published. Celtic Trees Trees in Celtic culture are incredibly sacred.

January Garnet — Deep Red Tone, named for its similarity to a pomegranate seed. Associated with Friendship and Trust. Capricorn — the Sea-Goat. Playful and Joyful. Birch Tree. The Achiever. A Fresh Outlook on Life. Zeal and Ambition. Tolerance, Toughness, Leadership. Brightens a Room with a Smile. February Amethyst — Deep Purple Tones. Aquarius — the Water-Bearer Ganymede. Rowan Tree. The Thinker, Keen-minded Visionaries. Aloof, Creative, Full of Energy and Devotion. March Aquamarine — Bright Glacial Blue.

Inspires Truth and Trust. Pisces — the Two Fish. Day Dreamers. Ash Tree. Competitive, Energetic, Extroverted, Sometimes Moody. In Touch with Inner Muse. Strength and Deep Relationships.

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Associated with Love and Courage. Aries — the Ram.

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Bold, Audacious, a Born Leader. Alder Tree. The Trailblazer, Natural Pathfinder. Self Assured and Charismatic. Confident and Focused.

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Patient and Down to Earth. Associated with Love, Fertility, and Rebirth. Taurus — the Bull. Hawthorn Tree. A Shapeshifter. Amazing Insight. A Realistic Perspective and Understanding. Associated with Purity, Said to Strengthen Intuition.


Gemini — the Twins. Oak Tree. The Stabilizer, Strong, Protectors of the Weak.

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Deep Understanding of History. Needs Structure, Intrigued by Mystery. Fun Fact — In ancient Ireland, the Oak was thought of as the most sacred of all the trees. Passion and Protective Energies.

The signs of the Druid Horoscope

The first piece of the puzzle was retrieved by Robert Graves, the famous author of the White Goddess. He correlated the thirteen letter Celtic tree alphabet, the Ogham, with a Celtic lunar calendar of thirteen months. Ogham is a system of symbols, sounds and sign language used by druids.

Each one represents a whole host of complex associations, based on the imagery of the sacred trees. Trees played an important function in Celtic myth and society. Some modern critics have disagreed with Graves interpretation, while others have built upon it. Her system uses the Celtic information in conjunction with traditional western astrology, giving us an even broader view. Much like your traditional Sun sign can give you a lot of information, your tree sign can as well.

Druid Horoscope: Willow

Look to see what tree sign the Sun was in when you were born. I know a few people who relate much better to their Celtic Sign than the traditional zodiac. Birch Tree people tend to shine like the Sun. They are very ambitious people. Work is taken very seriously and they are usually successful in business if they can find an area to excel in. Although stars with career, they tend to keep their private life private.

As the family tree, Birch people also take family responsibilities very seriously and are often default heads of the household. Rowan Tree people are futurists. Not necessarily in a technological way, but as visionaries for the future. They are humanitarians and take up worldly causes, but often in an unusual way.

As the Rowan is said to magically break curses, Rowan people break control, authority and conformity. Although very kind and thoughtful, they can tactlessly express their controversial opinions. Ash Tree people have two currents running through them. One side is very artistic and sensitive, while the other is quite down to earth.

Compassion is the key word here, as they see the best and worst the world has to offer. Because of this dual nature, their motives are often misunderstood by those round them. Alder Tree people are the warriors and adventurers, the heroes from myth. They are very physical and like a challenge. They take the lead with their competitive drive, but sometimes their actions are foolishly dangerous.